Elastic Search set up for Magento


In eCommerce websites, searching for products or any information is very important. Especially when you have a big amount of products or categories. A good search tool can create a great shopping experience for visitors and customers, help them find the wanted products or information quickly. Also, a good search tool with rich-features can help store owners reduce bounce rate.

Now, Alasticsearch is the technology that many merchants are using to enhance their search engines for their website. Elasticsearch is an open-source product that enables you to take data from any source, any format, and search and visualize it in real-time. This technology performs quick and advanced searches on products in the product catalog. So, applying the Alasticsearch for Magento is one of the best ways to boost your search features.

Set up Elastic search with Magepow

Set up the Elastic search for your Magento store is seem not a simple task because this will depend on the system your server uses. If you are not sure you can handle it, our Magento developer with high experience in setting up Elastic search and server configuration will help you complete it.

Install and set up the Elasticsearch engine to your server with various packages depending on your server, include:

  • With .zip or .tar.gz package
  • With .zip on Windows
  • With Debian package on Ubuntu and other Debian-enabled OS
  • With RPM on Red Hat, CentOS and other RPM-enabled OS
  • With Windows MSI Installer

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