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Here you can find any type and kind of Magento Themes (Website templates) which suit your Store the most! Clean and Minimal Themes, Fashion Themes...

When it comes to starting to build an eCommerce website, Magento always is one of the best ideal choices for store owners. People have no longer doubt features and scalability for a webshop that the Magento platform can bring. Now we have more choices to have a unique interface and a powerful admin panel. Alothemes have many years of experience in researching Magento website interface and well-liked factors during the shopping then we have launched many Magento Themes that help store owners engage more customers. Here you can find any type and kind of Magento Themes (Website templates) which suit your Store the most! Clean and Minimal Themes, Fashion Themes, Electro Themes, Technology Themes, Fruit Themes, Organic Themes, Multipurpose Themes, Supermarket Themes, Marketplace Themes...Discover our Magento Themes collection, that will blow your mind!

What you can expect on our Magento Themes

Fully responsive Magento Themes for all devices

A fully responsive Magento Themes will ensure to provide an optimal viewing experience on a variety of devices such as computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones. Aside from fully responsive features, in recent our innovation we have optimized the interface for mobiles so that you can use particular images or have the catching-eyes interface in mobile devices to engage more customers.

Fully responsive magento themes
Powerful admin Panel

Powerful Admin Panel and Unlimited color

Now, you can manage, settings your Magento Store without coding needed. It's also very highly customizable. Admin Panel is flexible for both Developers and store owner. Our themes come with unlimited colors on settings. That's why you needn't worry about colors of themes. For example if you're not a fan of our demo color, you can create another color that fits your style.

Speed optimization and Friendly with SEO

You know the speed of the website will depend on different factors such as your hosting or your Magento configuration all things belongs to our Magento themes that can good for your speed, we all research and consider to do. For example, we did: Minify JavaScript, Inline small CSS, Optimize the order of styles and scripts, Avoid CSS @import, Minify HTML, Leverage browser caching,...

Structure of themes is also very friendly with SEO which is one of the factores to improve your website rank on Search Engines

Speed opimize and Friendly with SEO Themes
A variety of homepage designs in one theme package

A variety of homepage demos, product detail layouts

There are many Demos of our homepages in one theme so you can feel free to pick the one for your live store or also change it by seasons or any event/promotions as you want. Similar to the homepage, we also create many Menu layouts, category and product detail layouts to help you have more chance in choosing the best fit interface

12+ extensions worth $500+

Choosing a good Magento Themes not only depends on the interface but also its features. That's why we tend to develop our themes with the most outstanding features then have you save much of the time and cost to customize and buy more extensions from other vendors. Some are listed here

12+ extensions included
Themes support and others

Aside from that, all our Magento themes also come with

  • Standard code
  • 6 months free of support
  • UX/UI researching to have eyes catching look and comfortable feeling for customers during the shopping
  • 24/7 Dedicated support

Check our Magento Themes with live Demos

Let find the one tailor your needs and let us know what information we can assist!

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