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Magento 2 Extention Quick Edit

Quick Edit is a module that helps you edit elements quickly and conveniently, you can edit most elements such as cms blocks, pages, category, products, attribute, configuration, and you can also edit some configs with just one mouse click. Managing your website will become extremely easy

First, Go to the admin page to configuration module follow the instructions below:

Configuration Magepow Quick edit

  • In "Enable": you can enable or disable the module.
  • In "Show Quick Edit when show template hints": you can choose module will turn on or not with template path hints.
  • In "Enable Quick edit with URL Parameter ": you can choose turn on or not the parameter.
  • In "Parameter Value": enter parameter value if you enable it.

Finally, see how it work:


  • Add the following parameter to the URL to show quick edit ?quickedit=[parameter_value]
  • Click to the path of content you want to edit it will redirect you to that content in the admin page

If you still don't understand what I wrote above, watch the guide video here.

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