Why it is The Best Time to Migrate Your Magento Store?

Magento is one of the reliable eCommerce platforms that are preferred by a great majority of merchants across the globe. Being a dedicated platform for building online stores, it is the first choice of many.

However, the launch of Magento 2 back in July 2015 has created unease among their existing clients as well as potential clients. They were dreadful of losing their entire setup in pursuit of migrating to the latest version that’s why most of them stayed with Magento 1 and waited for an alternative option.

Now that Magento has officially ended its support for Magento 1 in June 2020 and they are not left with any other option except shutting down their online business, it is the right time to avail Magento 2 migration service to move your store to an updated, secured, and feature-rich platform. Let me discuss the significance of migration as soon as possible in detail.

Magento 1 Support comes to an End

Magento allowed an ample amount of time for considering migration. Merchants who stayed with the older version were able to continue business without any struggle.

However, Magento will not be release feature updates and security patches for its older version, it is the best time to move on else your store is vulnerable to malicious cyber attacks. Adding any feature or functionality will also not be possible as most of the web development agencies are also producing tools that are compatible with the latest edition.

Secure your business

Magento continues the legacy of security online businesses it empowers. The latest version is made a secured platform with the following three features.

  • Improved password management
  • Adaptable file permissions
  • Regular security updates

It is the best time to secure the online business you have been managing for a long. Magento 1 support closure means your store is no more a secure place to serve the customers.

Build advanced functionalities

Now that Magento 1 is compelling to revamp your store, you have the opportunity to build it with advanced functionalities and features. Businesses usually do not plan massive repairs or recreating from scratch as it may halt their sales activities for a few months. 

However, the closure of support for the previous version is making the merchants left with no other option than to migrate. Turn the hurdle into an opportunity by becoming stronger, user-friendly, and different than the competitors.

The advanced features that were not available previously can now be built for Magento 2 as it comes with resolved issues of extension compatibility. The latest version is allowing extensions to overlap rather than creating errors and putting the entire effort into chaos. Being build with the latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, extension installation and customization is made much easier.

Migrate for mobile responsiveness

Magento 2 is more mobile responsive than its previous version. Mobile responsiveness is a significant part of user experience and a search engine ranking factor as well. Therefore, if you are not making the move to the latest version, you will be losing web exposure besides the security and reliability of your store.

With every passing day, there is a needs to serve online users with varying mobile devices and screen sizes. Only a responsive web design can ensure uniform and readable display to the users without discrimination to the computer and mobile devices.

Prepare for the upcoming holiday season

Magento 2 migration is a complete process of setting up an alternative store and moving all the products, categories, orders, customers, and other records. It may take three to six months. It is the right time to make the move happen and get your store ready for the holiday season. Failing to do so may leave you short of time.

The business owners and their marketing teams keep a close eye on the holiday season as they make the most of their sales in that specific period. Hire a reliable Magento development company and decide over the migration besides creating marketing campaigns.

Magento 2 is future-ready

Magento 2 comes with lots of advanced features there were not present in the present version. It now supports different payment gateways and you are not required to manage integration for such services as Braintree, PayPal, and Authorize.net.

Additionally, the checkout process is also simple now. Bringing the checkout process to two steps and the addition of swift checkout fields is allowing users to quickly place their orders in Magento 2. Such functionalities are among the modern-day needs. Having them in Magento 1 and any other eCommerce platforms is difficult that's why it is a golden opportunity to migrate and make your store future-ready.

Final words

June 2020 has approached and in a couple of days, Magento will stop providing support to its oldest version. Magento 1 is obsolete and now it is the most suitable time to migrate your store to Magento 2.

Make the move to secure your business, build the website stronger with advanced features, and be mobile responsive, and get ready for the upcoming holiday season. If you fail to migrate now, you may not be serious about doing business anymore. 

And in case you want to migrate from another platform to Magento, you can use an automated shopping cart migration tool like LitExtension to smoothly migrate data from your previous platform to Magento and vice versa.