The difference between quantity and salable quantity in magento 2

The difference between quantity and salable quantity in Magento 2

In the near full Magento versions, the concept of the salable quantity begins to appear. This makes it easy for users to confuse the concept of quantity with an earlier concept. So what is the salable quantity and is it different from the quantity. We find out in the following article.

Let's first learn about the salable quantity concept.

The salable quantity was first introduced in the Magento 2.3 release with the Multi-Source Inventory system. It allows you to manage all of your warehouses in one place and avoid inventory dead and out of stock.

Starting with version 2.3 you can see that a product always has the quantity and a salable quantity.

The available quantity is the sum of all available items for this product from all of your sources.

When placing an order, the customer is usually not able to choose which stock they are from for their order, but the system will understand the quantity remaining, even if you haven't processed the order. That is why the salable quantity changes every time someone places an order and the quantity per source will not change until you ship it. This allows you to prevent out-of-stock during high season when you need more time to process all incoming orders. This is useful for large stores, but it can be confusing for single-source stores.