Some tips on using color in design

Nowadays, people tend to be attracted to creative, unique, and fancy images. The creation of such images cannot be ignored by the effect of the colors in them. Therefore, color plays a very important role in a design.

In this article, we will explore the meaning of each color gamut and its effects when combining them together. From there give some advice on using color in the design.

1.    Red:

The red color represents fire, violence, and also represents enthusiasm and love. The red color is a visual stimulant, so it is often used as a warning sign of danger. Depending on the culture of each country and region, red has different meanings. For example:

In Asia, red represents happiness and well-being. In South Africa, however, is the color of mourning.

Red color

Because of its prominence, red often overwhelms other colors easily. So red should be used cleverly in the frame to impress and attract attention.

2.    Orange:

Orange is a bright, energetic color that is somewhat softer than red. Due to its energetic properties, orange is often used a lot in energetic advertising images such as sports, young people, ...

 Orange color


3.    Yellow:

This is the brightest color gamut in the hot palette. Like orange, yellow conveys energy, happiness, shine, and hope. When combined with the color red will also attract attention and all eyes. This is also the reason why these two colors are often used on banners, danger, and warning signs. In addition to its playful nature, yellow is also often used in advertisements for food or baby toys.

 Yellow color

4.    Green:

Green represents vitality and peace. A color close to yellow - the color of proliferation and development - makes this color a bit energetic. Green with a hint of white or pale milky yellow, is often used in spas because it brings a sense of luxury, harmony with nature, and sophistication.

Green color

5.    Blue:

Blue is the color of sadness and gloom. Bright blue colors are more cheerful, while dark blue colors show stability and serenity. Blue tones are often used in business photos, ... to provide a sense of sustainability and stability.

 Blue color

6.    Purple:

Purple has long been associated with sacred things and symbols of nobility. That's why the clothes in religious ceremonies often have the appearance of purple. However, there are also some places where purple is the color to symbolize separation and rift. Depending on the harmony with other color elements, purple tends to dark colors to create a regal feel, while purple leans towards the light, bringing a very romantic feeling.

Purple color

7.    Neutral color gamut:

Neutral colors are often used as background, or to blend with pure colors in hot, cold colors to produce similar but softer colors. Neutral colors often give viewers a sense of elegance and calmness.

Neutral color gamut

8.    Black:

Black is a strong tone, expressing luxury, class, and mystery. Black backgrounds are often used quite commonly in the design because it can help conceal the design's defects, as well as easily combine with other colors.

Black color

9.    White:

White is the contrasting color gamut of black. White represents brightness, pristine, and freshness. White is often associated with healthcare fields because of its significance. Advertising images for drugs, pharmaceuticals, energy supplements, ... often use white, sometimes with a little yellow. The white color in product photos is often used to complement other colors. On a white background, any other color can stand out. So white is one of the easy to use and popular colors in the design.

White color

10. Grey:

With an elegant and elegant look, gray is easy to use to flatter other colors, it is not too harsh like white, not too dark like black. In design, gray is often used as a background for product frames to enhance the elegance.

Grey color

11. Brown:

Is the color representing earth, wood, and stone? Brown is considered the color of nature, warm, friendly, stable, and firm. Like other neutral colors, brown is mainly used as the background color.

Brown color

Above are some of the things I find out. Hope it will be useful for you. See you on the next topic.