Simple Product In Magento 2

Magento is the most basic product type in Magento. It has no variant and is sold independently with a single SKU. However, it can also be bundled up for sale as a bundle product, configuration product, bundle product.

To create a simple product you need to follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Categories > Products and select Simple Products from the Add Product drop-down menu.

2. Complete or select options in the product fields:

Enable Product: Enable or disable the product.

Attribute Set: Select the attribute set for the product.

Product name: Set the Product name.

SKU: Product Code.

Price: The price of the product.

In case you need to create offer products, you need to set an Enhanced Price for a product:

Special Price: The replacement price for the original price the customer will see for the product.

Special Price From: Select the time the product is sold at a special price.

Cost: The price you bought this product for and tells you what special price to book.

Customer Group Price: Set the quantity and price of the product to be applied to a customer group of your choice.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price.

Display Actual Price: Choose where to display actual prices for example on gestures, In cart, or Before order confirmation.

Tax Class: Tax.

Quantity: The number of products.

Stock Status: Product status (in stock or out of stock). If products are out of stock, you can still display them in the catalog by configuring stock options.

Weight: Enter the weight of the product or it can be a weightless product like Downloadable Product (services, videos, software, ...)

Visibility: Product display mode. By selecting Catalog and Search, your customers can see and search for that product.

Note: For Simple products that are sold together with other products such as bundle, configurable, or grouped products, they will have default visibility of Not Visible Individually.

Categories: Select a category to assign products to or you can also create a new category for that product.

If you want to assign products to categories and search automatically, you can create dynamic category rules to assign products to categories under certain conditions automatically.

Set Product as New From: Select the period during which the product is set as a new product.

Country of Manufacture: Select the country of the product manufacturer.

Content: Write short, long descriptions for the product.

Configurations: Create variations for the product. With many different variations, the simple product becomes the configuration product.

Images And Videos: Add images and videos for products.

Search Engine Optimization: Add URL-key and Meta information for the product. The URL key will automatically follow the product name if you don't add the URL key for the product.

Note: Meta Description should be around 150-160 characters.

Related Products, Up-Sells, and Cross-Sells: Related Products, High-Selling Products, Cross-Selling Products

Customizable Options: You can choose the product variation you want in this section

Product in Websites: Select the store where you want to display the product. By default, it will show up in all stores.

Design and Schedule Design Update: Design the structure, or update the design separately for each product

Gift Options: Turn on/off the gift message feature

When finished, save the product and see the results.

If you want to update the information, you can also edit it directly on the system's product grid.

Above are detailed instructions on creating a basic product. Hope the article will be helpful to you. Goodbye and see you again.