"Quick edit element" easy to management your website Magento 2

Have you ever had trouble finding blocks, pages..etc to edit their element? today I will show you how to quickly edit element in your site, let get started.

Firstly, You must install our module: Quick Edit Magento 2

Secondly, Go to the admin page to the configuration module follow the instructions below:

Admin -> Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Magepow -> Quick edit

- In "Enable": you can enable or disable the module.

- In "Show Quick Edit when show template hints": you can choose module will turn on or not with template path hints.

- In "Enable Quick edit with URL Parameter ": you can choose turn on or not the parameter.

- In "Parameter Value": enter parameter value if you enable it.

Finally, you can go to frontend and see how it work:

 - Add the following parameter to the URL to show quick edit ?quickedit=[parameter_value]

- Click on the path of content you want to edit it will redirect you to that content on the admin page

Sometimes the module has an unexpected error, you can follow this guide to fix it.

Fix quick-edit not working:

Admin Panel -> Stores -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Admin -> In Security Section -> In Add Secret Key to URLs  Select "No"

If you still don't understand what I wrote above, watch the guide video here.