How to Configure Currency in Magento Store

Surely anyone wants to create and develop your own store to be global, so the language and currency of your website are important when you distribute your products out of the box, out of your country. In the last post, we talked about how to add multilingual to Magento store, we will discuss adding currencies to store views. Adding currency is easier than add multilingually, you don't need to have any technical knowledge, just work on the admin panel.

Step 1: Currency Setup

In Admin Panel, tap Store then switches Store View from Default Config to what Store View you want to add Currency, tap Currency Setup:

magento-cms Save Config.

Step 2: Setup Schedule Import

Switching to Default Config


When still in Currency Setup, scroll down to Scheduled Import Settings


Save Config.

You also can update the currency rate as manual

Admin Panel -> Stores -> Currency Rates


Change the Currency Symbols

Admin Panel -> Stores -> Currency Symbols


To sum up, Currency and Language are two important elements to bring your store to global, make sure you can set it up.