Magento 2 Tiered Pricing - Increasing The Sales

Tiered Pricing is a marketing strategy that promotes customers to purchasing more with discount price. It is same as the Volume pricing, but the difference is Tiered pricing change in a price range and Volume pricing change all the unit price.

Example: A store divided shirts into three price tiers:

  • Tier 1: 1-20 shirts cost $10 per shirt.
  • Tier 2: 21-30 shirts cost $9 per shirt.
  • Tier 3: 31 shirts or more cost $8 per shirt.

When customers buy 35 shirts:

  • If the store use Tiered pricing:
    • The first 20 shirts are billed at $10, total cost: $200
    • 21-30 are billed at $9, total cost: $90
    • 31-35 are billed at $8, total cost: $40
      => Total cost: $330
  • Using Volume pricing: All 35 shirts are billed at 8 => Total cost: $280

So, as you can see, both Tiered and Volume pricing are considered a discount method to increase your sales performance.

Although Magento does not support the Volume pricing, it provides you a solution to handle the Tiered pricing.

How to Setup Magento Tiered Pricing?

Step 1: In Admin Panel, tap Catalog -> Products

Choose which products you want to configure the price and Edit it.


You can choose which Store View you want to change.


Step 2: In Price section, click on Advance pricing


In advance setting, you can set Special price in a period, this can help your discount strategy.


Step 3: Config the price

You can change the Customer group, Quantity for this price and the most important is to choose the change of price as a Discount (percentage) or as Fixed (money)

Click Add


Then click Done.

And Done! The Tiered pricing are set on your product.