2 Step to Manage Magento Terms and Conditions

What Are Terms and Conditions

Some websites have a page that sets out the rights and responsibilities of anyone using the site, it called terms and conditions, a contract between the site and the user.

In eCommerce, sometimes the terms and conditions are underestimated because it not a legal requirement and maybe you don't want to make the customers feel inconvenience when shopping. But terms and conditions are necessary for your store when you can stay off any dispute. It also increases customer trust by clear rules to clarify the right of customers and merchants.

Understanding the necessity of Term and Conditions in eCommerce, Magento provides a useful way to generate Terms and Conditions.

How to Enable Magento Terms and Conditions?

1. On the Admin Panel, tap

2. In the Sales section, choose Checkout

3. Choose which store view can appear in the Terms and Conditions. Default is Main Website


4. You must notice the Enable Onepage Checkout and Enable Terms and Conditions. Make sure that both of them are switch to yes.


5. Click Save Config.

Add Your Terms and Conditions

1. On the Admin Panel, tap

2. In the Settings section, click Terms and Conditions

3. Click Add New Condition


4. Fill out these sections

magento-terms-and-condtions magento-terms-and-condtions

  • Condition name
  • Set Status to Enabled.
  • Set Show Content as:
    • Text: Show the terms and conditions content as unformatted text
    • HTML: show the content as HTML which can be formatted
  • Applied Automatically or Manually.
  • Choose which Store View that these terms and conditions will be appearing
  • Enter the Checkbox text. Example: I agree with these terms
  • Enter the full text of the terms and conditions on the Content box
  • (optional) Enter the Content Height (CSS) in pixels

5. Save Condition

And done, your Terms and Conditions have been set up.