A simple product is the simplest type of products like its name. Each simple product is an independent with a single SKU on website. Other product types (grouped, bundle, and configurable products) are based on simple products. Therefore we can sell it separately or as a part of other type products. Here are Magepow guide to help you get starting to create a simple product quickly and easily

Step 1: Add a simple product

  1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Catalog. Then, choose Products


  2. In the upper-right corner on the Add Product menu, choose Simple product

    add simple product

Step 2: Complete the product settings

  1. Choose the Attribute Set

    In the Search box, enter the name of the attribute set and choose it. This is used as a template for the product:

    choose attribute set for simple product

  2. Complete the Required settings as below:

    Complete the Required Settings

    Then Tap save and continue next step

    After saving, choose the stoview where the product is to be available

    choose stoview

  3. Complete the basic Settings

    basic setting simple product

Step 3: Complete the product information:

  1. Scroll down and complete the information in the following sections as needed below

    simple product information

Step 4: Publish the product

  1. Enable Product on website:

    Now you are ready to publish the product on website, set the Enable Product by switch to the “Yes” position. Then tab Save product

    enable and save simple product

  2. View the product on website:

    Now you've already had a simple product displayed on your website!

    simple product