How to Configure the Default Page in Magento 2

Today I will guide you to configure the default page in Magento 2, the default page will appear when you click on the URL, normally the homepage will be configured as the default.

When a “Page Not Found” error occurs, the default page will be shown.

Go to Admin Panel -> Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> General -> Web -> In Default Page section:

- In the Default Web URL field, the default value cms or enter other value as needed
- In the CMS Home Page field, select the page you want to become your home page, you should select “Home Page”
- In the Default No-route URL field, the default value is “cms/index/noRoute.” or enter other value as needed
- In the CMS No Route Page field, select 404 Page Not Found value to show CMS page when a 404 Not Found error appears
- In the CMS No Cookies Page field, select Enable Cookies value to show CMS Page when cookies are disabled in the browser
- In the Show Breadcrumbs for CMS Pages field, set Yes if you want to show a breadcrumb trail at the top of all CMS pages

Save config, flush cache and check the result.

Done, I hope this article will be helpful to you.