How to choose Magento 2 Themes for your website?

1. The purpose of the website

This is the first factor to consider. This factor will help you to remove a large number of inappropriate themes for the website.

If you need a commercial website then Magento and Magento 2 themes will be the best choice for you.

Choose Magento 2 Theme

2. Determine the necessary features for the website

When building a website, the design is only one part. You also need to make sure the website has the necessary functionality. Does the website need to handle many website registration members? Does it need to handle computation in e-commerce? Should you upgrade the slide show feature to show your designs or photo collections?

Designers will build these features to suit each theme. If you can choose for yourself a model that best suits the purpose. You will save a lot of time and effort to design and administer.

In addition, the extensions for Magento are also very diverse. It is another solution for you to diversify features for your website.

Magento 2 Extensions

3. Is the theme updated regularly?

Magento is open source so it's extremely important to keep your theme version up to date. Choose themes that are regularly updated as well as the most recently updated. That is a sign that the theme is always interested in improving and helping the website avoid threats from the Internet.

4. Consult with the community

Please consult the ratings, number of buyers, feedback on the quality of users. You can expand to learn the credibility of the author, the author team of writing themes. All of that information will give you a great deal of useful information in choosing a suitable and quality theme.

Consult with the community

5. The SEO ability of the theme

Everyone wants their website to rank high and reach many customers. You spend more on writing articles, promoting, marketing, optimizing source code ... However, a simple SEO improvement technique but not many people know it is to improve the SEO ability of the theme. Take the time to learn about the SEO capabilities that the developers have designed for that theme.

6. How is the investment budget?

As a website, you will need expenses for many different amounts such as costs for web design, domain name registration, web hosting. If you have the budget to invest in spreading all of these items, that is ideal.

However, if you only want to design a website with the lowest cost due to a limited budget. At this point, you can consider using Magento's free themes.

7. Other technical factors

If you are an expert in the website, source code, consider a few other factors when choosing a theme. Shortcode or javascript loading speed is one of the factors that you should care about.

8. Regularly check and make reasonable changes

No theme is perfect forever. Remember that you can always change themes, look, edit styles, plugins. Take time to regularly review the colors, layout of sections, sections, and website layout. From there, you will get the right adjustments.

This article has shared with you a number of things to keep in mind when choosing a theme. Hope it is really useful for you in building a website. Do not forget to read the next article to accumulate interesting and useful experiences.