Doofinder manual for Magento 2

User Manual Doofinder for Magento 2

I. Installation

1. Installation via Magento Marketplace

Link download

$ cd /var/www/domains/

$ php bin/magento setup:upgrade

$ php bin/magento setup:di:compile

2. Installation via Composer

$ cd /var/www/domains/

$ composer require doofinder/doofinder-magento2

$ php bin/magento setup:upgrade

$ php bin/magento setup:di:compile

II. Configuration Flow

Admin -> Stores -> Configuration

Step 1: API Key

- Link:

doofinder manual for magento 2

- For your Magento to talk with Doofinder you need a Management API Key. You can create one by clicking on the top-right menu and choosing API Keys

In the API Keys list screen:

1. Click on the New API Key button. A dialog will appear.

2. Enter a name for your API Key.

3. Ensure you check I will use this API Key with the management API.

4. Click the Create API Key button.

5. Copy the API Key in a temporary text file, you will need it later.

Step 2: Search Engines

doofinder manual for magento 2

- First, you need to create a Search Engine.

- The search engine creation wizard consists of three steps:

+ Site Information

On this screen you have to enter:

• A name for your search engine to easily distinguish it from other search engines in your account.

• The homepage web address for your site.

Once available, click the Continue button.

+ Choose Platform

In the platform, the selector chooses I'm going to use the API. Then choose a language to optimize your

search engine contents for searches done in that language.

Once done click the Continue button.

+ Doofinder Layer Script

This step is optional at this stage of the installation process. If you want to configure the script now, click the Yes, let’s go! button and follow the instructions of the wizard. Otherwise, click the Skip this step and finish button.

You will be able to configure the layer later by accessing your search engine and going to

Search Engines > Configuration > Installation Scripts > Doofinder Layer > Setup.

When completed, it will create a script

Note: This process takes quite a long time.

doofinder manual for magento 2

doofinder manual for magento 2

Step 3: Admin Configuration

WARNING: legacy data feed settings are there as a fallback for those cases in which indexing via API does not work properly.

Once completed, you have API_Key, Hash-Id, <Script>. Then you just need to copy them to Admin Configuration

doofinder manual for magento 2

Choose the store you want

doofinder manual for magento 2

Step 4: Start Feed Generation

Configuration > Data Feed (legacy) .

Set a Schedule to create a feed.

If cron feed doesn't work for you, use these URLs to dynamically index your content from Doofinder.

Change the domain by your website name.

III. Data Sources

In addition to storing product data directly via the API, you can add some feeds so they can be read automatically.


doofinder manual for magento 2

IV. Expected results

Visit your website to search for any product.

doofinder manual for magento 2

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