How to create a Downloadable Product in Magento 2?

1. Definition

A Downloadable product is intangible and apart of Virtual product. It is the items that can download like ebook, music, video, etc.

The process of creating a new Downloadable product is like creating a Virtual product, and normally, you must provide a trailer to let you make the decision to buy.

2. How to create Downloadable Products quickly

Step 1: Choose the Product Type

1.1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Catalog. Then Choose Products


1.2. In the upper-right corner on the Add Product menu, choose Virtual Product


Step 2: Complete Product settings

2.1. Choose the Attribute Set


In the search box, enter the name of the attribute set and choose it. This is used as a template for the products.

2.2. Complete the Required Setting


2.3. Complete the Basic Settings

downloadable-product-magento downloadable-product-magento

You can Choose an Existing Category or Create a New Category

downloadable-product-magento downloadable-product-magento

Step 3: Complete the Downloadable Information

Scroll down to the bottom then click Downloadable Information

The Downloadable section has two-part: The first one is to describe each download link, and the second one describes each sample file

3.1. Complete the first part


  • File and Sample have two options: Upload a file to the server and Insert URL
  • Set Shareable if you want to send the link via email and customers can share with others. Or Switch to No if you want customers must log in to download
  • To add another link, click add a link and repeat these step

3.2. Complete the Sample


Step 4: Publish the Product

Complete these sections as needed




And done! Your Downloadable product is now in your store.