Affirming Your Products by Magento 2 Watermark

The mission of a watermark is to affirm the copyright of your product, avoid the stolen of your competitors or sometimes many retailers can take your images and make your products' reputation lost

Magento brings merchants a solution that can affirm your product: Add watermarks in the image of your products. You don't have to put the watermark in each image manually, Magento will help you automate add watermark, the only thing you have to do is design a watermark and up your products

Example of Magento Watermark

How to add Watermark in Magento 2?

  • Magento 2.0
    In Admin Panel -> Stores->Settings->Configuration
  • Magento 2.1 and above
    In Admin Panel -> Content->Design->Configuration

1. Choose the Store View you want to add or choose Global Website to apply the watermark in all store views.


2. Scroll down to the Product Image Watermarks section, it will show four types of images display on your store: 2

In each type has four sections:


  • Image: You can upload your watermark here
  • Image Opacity: Enter the opacity percentage
  • Image Size: Set in pixels, the size of the watermark
  • Image Position: Determine where to place the watermark

3. Then, Save Config

4. Refresh the Cache


5. If you want to remove the watermark: