Amy Dinh

  1. magento-website

    What is the Magento platform? Summary of information you need to know about Magento for website eCommerce

    Magento is one of the most used open source platforms today, written in PHP programming language, based on Zend Framework platform. 

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  2. ecommerce-seo

    SEO for the Magento e-commerce website

    E-commerce SEO, SEO E-commerce, ... are all terms to describe the search engine optimization process of online stores. Simply put, this is a set of rules that make e-commerce websites search engine friendly.

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  3. Conversion-Rate-website

    Method to increase conversion rate for Magento website

    Conversion Rate (CR), abbreviated as CR, is the metric with percentage units, representing the percentage of visitors who took the desired action on the total visit to the website. 

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  4. content-delivery-network

    Synthesize information you need to know about CDN?

    With a feature-rich system, CDN (Content delivery network) is an effective solution for websites that want to reach customers around the world. Find out detailed information about the CDN

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  5. principle-images-on-website

    Principle of using images on website

    Meeting the principles of using images on the website will create a foundation to help you build and develop an effective website.

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