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  1. How to Create a Bundle Product

    A Bundle product is some items similar are packaged in one package with the customizable, it is like a combination of Simple product, Configurable product, and Grouped product. It is a helpful product for marketing and sale.

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  2. How to Create a Downloadable Product

    A Downloadable product is intangible and apart of Virtual product. It is the items that can download like ebook, music, video, etc.

    The process of creating a new Downloadable product is like creating a Virtual product, and normally, you must provide a trailer to let you make decision to buy.

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  3. How to Create a Virtual Product

    Virtual products (Digital goods) is intangible items such as memberships, services, warranties, or subscriptions and goods can be downloaded like ebook, music, videos, etc.

    The process of creating a new Virtual Product is like Simple product, without Weight field.

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  4. How to Create a Grouped Product

    A grouped product is the aggregate of the Simple product or Virtual product. A grouped product is an easy way to offer variations of a product and list them all on the same page.

    Example: Customers visit your site and just want to find a fishing rod, and because of the fishing rod was grouped with fishing line and fish hook so customers don't need to search related product more and you have chance to have more sales. 

    In this post, we will talk about Creating a Grouped product.

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  5. What is Magento? What are the reasons many companies use it?

    A good platform makes your online store easy to manage and handle what's going on on your e-Commerce site, what are products customers liked the most, how much money you hold in your hand or the performance of your marketing strategy or even help you on sales and marketing activities. Magento is the best choice for your business with many features wait for you.

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  6. How Theme Layout Attract Customers On eCommerce Website?

    The theme layout is needed, not only beauty thing but also business things. A good theme layout makes customers feel truthful and help them easy to buy products. It depends on many factors, there are seven-way we listed to help you find the right theme layout.

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  7. Top 10 best Magento 2 Themes 2019 - Color up your website!

    There is a funny joke: “don't judge a book by its cover”. However, sometimes merchants must wonder if their website cover will be judged like a book? No certain answer, but all of us are doing our best to find the best fit website cover. Therefore, to help you easier to find the top best Magento 2 themes not only beautiful design but also quality, Magepow made this recommendation list for you! The best 10 Magento 2 themes are chosen from hundreds of Magento 2 themes at ThemeForest. Our evaluation is mainly based on best sellers and customer rating reviews. The statistics are made in May 2019.

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  8. How to create a Configurable Product in Magento 2?

    A configurable product looks like single product with drop-down lists of option for each variation. The configurable product type is a good choice for products with multiple options. We usually meet them at every fashion shops where customer can buy a product with lots of different selection such as type, size, color… Creating configurable products can help you save time in long term and make convenience for your customers during shopping. It’s easy when you follow Magepow guide.

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  9. How to create a Simple Product quickly?

    A simple product is the simplest type of products like its name. Each simple product is an independent with a single SKU on website. Other product types (grouped, bundle, and configurable products) are based on simple products. Therefore we can sell it separately or as a part of other type products. Here are Magepow guide to help you get starting to create a simple product quickly and easily

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