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Ajax Contact Form Extension For Magento 2

Lazy Load Extension for Magento 2 allows you to speed up your page speed loading and enhance your website performance too. With this extension, the product images, banners, sliders will be loaded by demands. For example, a customer or visitor scroll their mouse or go down to the page, the images will be loaded when it is visible.

Aside from the normal function of lazy load extension, we have improved it by some settings in the Admin Panel that help you much in control, manage, and get the best result such as Pre-loading body, pre-loading image, use exclude images class, regex block, set apply lazyload for ajax or not,... And very easy to customize fit your needs.

Highlight Features

  • Easy to Enable/Disable the extension in Admin Panel
  • Allow using Pre-loading body site and upload images/icon for Pre-loading body site. Customer will not see the whole site loading in the first look
  • Allow using Pre-loading images to enhance speed loading
  • Allow you exclude some parts in the page you don't want to apply lazy load such as top banner, header, using Exclude Image class
  • Placeholder images feature will help you keep the website layout (frame) while the images have not loaded completely
  • Regex Block: Enter the place that you want to use lazy load from that place to footer by using id or class of block. For example, this will be good for people want to keep the first content such as slider, header... not effected by Lazy load
  • Lazyload Images Response Ajax: Allow you to apply the lazyload for ajax or not
  • Customize the lazy load, use particular scripts or style fit your needs in Scripts and Style Sheets field

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