Magento 2 Product Zoom


Magento 2 Product zoom extension

1. How to install Product Zoom in Magento 2

✓ Product zoom settings

  • Extract files from archive

  • Deploy files to the Magento2 directory app/code/Magepow/Productzoom Run the following command in the Magento 2 root directory:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

php bin/magento cache:flush

2. Instructions for use Product zoom 

 General configuration

  • Activate Product zoom

Go Admin Panel > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Magepow > Product Zoom enable-module-img

Select  Yes to turn on mô-đun.

Product zoom setting

Go Admin Panel > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Magepow > Product Zoom cấu hình-mô-đun-img

  • Set to true to enable zoom on mouse scroll. Possible values: 'True', 'False'
  • Set zoom type: External, Internal, Lens.
  • Set the Zoom Window Position: Select a value between 1 and 18 as shown
  • Set z-index window zoom
  • Set with of window zoom in Zoom window width
  • Set height of window zoom in Zoom window height cấu hình-mô-đun-img
  • Set zoom window offetx : x-axis offset of the zoom window
  • Set zoom window offety : y-axis offset of the zoom window
  • Set Zoom Window FadeIn : Set as a number e.g 200 for speed of Window fadeIn
  • Set Lens Zoom : enable a tint overlay, other options: true
  • Set Tint Colour : colour of the tint, can be #hex, word (red, blue), or rgb(x, x, x)
  • Set Tint Opacity : opacity of the tint cấu hình-mô-đun-img
  • Set Cursor : The default cursor is usually the arrow, if using a lightbox, then set the cursor to pointer so it looks clickable - Options are default, cursor, crosshair
  • Set Responsive : Set to true to activate responsivenes. If you have a theme which changes size, or tablets which change orientation this is needed to be on. Possible Values: "True", "False"
  • Set image fade out: Set to true to enable simultaneous image interlacing when changing gallery. Possible values: 'True', 'False'
  • Set Border Size: ZoomBox's Border Size - Must be set here because the border is taken into account for the plugin calculation
  • Set Outline Color: Select the Border Color
  • Set Easing: Set to true to enable easing. Possible values: 'True', 'False'

Here is the result in Frontend

cấu hình-mô-đun-img


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